Keerych Luminokaya

Made with Love Made in Portugal
  • Founder

    Keerych Luminokaya

    Founded In


    Brand Story

    “I derive my work from the huge amount of data flowing through a great field of energy in the form of light waves, symbols, dreams and trans-personal visions. The vast steam of information creates an unlimited potential for artwork where my input is minimised to a digital interface in which my awareness of infinity and abundance is materialised.” (Keerych Luminokaya)

    Purpose & Mission

    “The artwork is my contribution to the process of uniting all people and unveiling the realisation of their light-carrying potential for the benefit of all beings.” (Keerych Luminokaya)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Butterfly effect – Himalaya (India), St.Petersburg (Russia)
    Pyroclastic Blow – Himalaya, Goa ( India ), Kathmandu (Nepal), Chiang Ma
    Roots of Kintamani – Bali (Indonesia), Kathmandu (Nepal)
    Petra Canvas – Jordan, Moscow (Russia), Goa (India)
    Shaman – Moscow (Russia), Helsinki (Finland)
    Tso Pangon – Ladakh (India), Kathmandu (Nepal), Moscow (Russia)


    Printed on glossy photographic paper (220 gr) or on water repellent, white cotton mesh fabric canvas (370 gr/m2) with solvent-based, UV curable ink equipment and a satin finish.


    All prints by Keerych Luminokaya will be made-to-order and printed, packaged and shipped by the Boom Festival Bazaar team in Portugal. The print(s) will arrive in a recyclable cardboard package sealed with plastic tape.Please remove the plastic tape before recycling the cardboard box.

    This packaging is the most environmentally responsible way we can guarantee your print arrives safely and the materials can be re-used or recycled.

    Method of Creation

    Butterfly effect – digital, Xenodream, Poser, Photoshop
    Pyroclastic Blow – digital, Xenodream, Poser, Cinema 4d
    Roots of Kintamani – digital, Photoshop, Xenodream
    Petra Canvas – digital, Xenodream, Poser, Photoshop
    Shaman – digital, Poser, Vue, Photoshop
    Tso Pangon – digital, Photoshop, Mojoworld