Carey Thompson

Costa Rica
Made with Love Made in Portugal
  • Founder

    Carey Thompson


    Costa Rica

    Brand Story

    "I am an American born artist currently residing in Costa Rica. By immersing myself deep in the natural world, I hope to translate the creative power and intensity around myself into works of art that transmit some of that life-force into the world, inspiring others.

    The world around us is in a critical state and so many problems facing us are rooted in a general disconnection with nature and with each other. I feel Art is one of the most potent catalysts for inner transformation, as it can reflect deeper underlying connections, revealing the hidden realms we are all connected to.

    I am also Boom Festival’s artistic director since 2009." (Carey Thompson)

    Purpose & Mission

    "It is our responsibility as humans to shift our relationship with the spirit of nature and restore our connectedness with all that is before we move beyond the point of no return and ensure our own destruction. This shift needs to occur within, deep within our consciousness, so that it can permeate throughout our bodies into our behaviors and life patterns so that the collective may be restored as it once was, in true resonance with the rest of life on this planet and the rest of life in the universe. I have discovered that the arts are perhaps the most powerful tool towards this goal." (Carey Thompson)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Costa Rica


    Printed on glossy photographic paper (220 gr) or on water repellent, white cotton mesh fabric canvas (370 gr/m2) with solvent-based, UV curable ink equipment and a satin finish.


    All prints by Carey Thompson will be made-to-order and printed, packaged and shipped by the Boom Festival Bazaar team in Portugal. The print(s) will arrive in a recyclable cardboard package sealed with plastic tape.Please remove the plastic tape before recycling the cardboard box.

    This packaging is the most environmentally responsible way we can guarantee your print arrives safely and the materials can be re-used or recycled.

    Method of Creation

    "I employ a multitude of mediums to convey my artwork, including painting with primarily oils, building installations and stages, immersive environments, and product design such as rugs and apparel. " (Carey Thompson)