Tribal Ocean Earrings

By: Makemba Boutique

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Intricately hand carved earrings made from sustainably sourced nacar shell.
Each pair, varying slightly in height and coloring due to the nature of the shell and bone.
Finished off with a nickel free brass setting.
Hand made by two local families in Indonesia, together we create designs and support their production, helping preserve the ancient art of traditional hand carving and jewellery making.


•Nickel free brass
•Sold as a pair
•sustainably sourced nacar shell


5 cm diameter

Shipping Country

South Africa

Handling Timeframe

Two days

Use & Maintenance

These earring are intricately made with a lot of love and care, due to the nature of the organic shell material, these earrings are fragile and need to be handled with care, no sleeping with the earrings on for example.
The brass setting can be polished with lemon, the acidity in the lemon naturally polishes the brass.