By: Organik Mechanik

Made with Love Resource Efficiency S Responsibility Upcycled


This tiara is a simple design to suit many occasions. Made out of copper coated steel, allowing it to fit all sizes and shapes. It is very light to wear and has been adorned with semi-precious stones and feather side setting. The feathers can be removed and changed. Please choose which stone you would like, from the available variations.


Copper coated steel, reclaimed watch movements, coins, brass and feathers

Shipping Country

United Kingdom

Handling Timeframe

Five days

Use & Maintenance

The best care for the tiara is for it to be worn! The natural oils from the skin keep the metal nice and shiny. If the tiara has been sitting on a shelf for a while, simply rub it with wire wool, or use a cloth with a bit of vinegar, salt and lemon.