Soap Saviour - Sisal for Deep Cleansing

By: Earth Sense

Made with Love Regenerate Resource Efficiency Responsible_Materials


A soap pouch for deep cleansing your skin and prevent wasting those small pieces that may be left as your soap comes to an end.

NOTE – Due to the nature of production and use of this product, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


Made from 100% natural sisal fibers.

Shipping Country


Handling Timeframe

One day

Use & Maintenance

Place your soap bar inside the Soap Saviour and massage with a little water to form a creamy and luxurious lather for a gentle and deep cleansing shower or bath. As the material of each bag is either hemp or sisal and is 100% natural, take your soap out of the bag after each use, rinse and hang the bag to dry or if you prefer you can hang the bag up with the soap still inside to drip dry. The choice is yours. It will then be ready for your next bath or shower.