3 Cup Set

By: Kyri Ceramics

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This stoneware set is composed of two finger shot cups and one peanut cup. It can be used to serve hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea or spirits. The peanut shape, as well as the coves, allow for a comfortable and secure grip.
All our items are handmade, from the shape to the glaze, so there can be some variations in shape and colour, which make each piece unique.


Glazed stoneware


Two small cups: approx. 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm, approx. 30ml
One large cup: approx. 8 cm x 9.5 cm, approx. 250ml

Shipping Country


Method of Creation


Handling Timeframe

3-6 weeks

Use & Maintenance

Handle all your ceramic items with care. Stoneware may be a very robust and strong material but it can still break. Wash preferably by hand, nevertheless it can safely be washed in a dishwasher.