Mutated Bird Necklace

By: Organik Mechanik

Made with Love Resource Efficiency S Responsibility Upcycled


This neo­ art nouveau casting of a Boulboul bird skull was made from a skull found in the desert of Rajastan, India. With sculpted antlers, we have created our very own original piece, which is cast in bronze and is also sold silver plated. It can be worn as a stunning talisman around the neck, celebrating the beauty of nature, life, death and the great cycle of life.




The bird measures 6.5 cm in length. The antler width measures 4.5 cm and the bird skull itself 1.8 cm.

Shipping Country

United Kingdom

Handling Timeframe

Two days

Use & Maintenance

If the brass gets tarnished, simply rub it with wire wool, or use a cloth with a bit of vinegar, salt and lemon.