Infinity Hood

By: Conscious Convergence

Made with Love Regenerate Responsible_Materials S Responsibility Upcycled


This piece features a large protection hood with a crystal grid design and sacred Mayan geometry patterns clustered together for a unique style. The soft scarf has a clasp closure option at the chest for added functionality and design options. The infinity hood is perfect for a traveling lifestyle, or anyone who loves an adaptable wardrobe. You can wear it as four different tops, a scarf, a dust mask and a vest hood.


10% Cotton 5% Nylon 60% Viscose 25% Tipico

Shipping Country


Handling Timeframe

Two days

Use & Maintenance

Wash on a cool or cold delicates wash cycle (never above 30ºC) using gentle and environmentally friendly detergents. In order to maintain the quality of the garments do not tumble dry and do not bleach.