Flower Crown

By: Organik Mechanik

Made with Love Resource Efficiency S Responsibility Upcycled


A hand crafted head dress, embellished with brass flowers, brass chain and feathers. A precious stone is set in the centre as a final touch. The feathers slide into our brass feather tubes, this makes it easier for travelling, packaging and in case you would like to change your feathers. This piece will be made ­to­ order, especially for you.


Recycled metal, feather and stone


Length: approx. 30 cm, Flower Width: 8.5 cm

Shipping Country

United Kingdom

Method of Creation

Made to order

Handling Timeframe

Seven days

Use & Maintenance

If the brass gets tarnished, simply rub it with wire wool, or use a cloth with a bit of vinegar, salt and lemon.