Exchanghibition Banknotes

By: Dadara

Made with Love Regenerate S Responsibility

Bazaar Unique


In 2011, in times when governments had no money for Art, but billions to bail out banks, artist Dadara started his own bank - the Exchanghibition Bank. For a few years he traveled to many places, such as museums and galleries, Occupy, real banks, Burning Man and Boom Festival. People could exchange their money for our banknotes of Zero, Million, Infinite, Like, and Love.

Now all banknotes are available again as a special art package.

Exclusive Boom Festival Bazaar.

NOTE – Due to the nature of production and use of this product, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


All banknotes are printed with details in holographic foil and are uniquely numbered.


Large banknotes: 9 cm x 20 cm
Small banknotes: 6 cm x 13.5 cm

Shipping Country


Method of Creation

This item is printed in limited quantity batches by Dadara, thus it is possible that it will be made-to-order.

Handling Timeframe

One week

Use & Maintenance

You can use the banknotes however you want. Frame them as art, try to spend them as real money, add some Love or Like to your payments (that's why there are more of them) and/or give away your money.