Dragon Belt

By: Organik Mechanik

Made with Love Resource Efficiency S Responsibility Upcycled


This is a solid bronze casting, of a pelvic bone, from a Sea Eagle. Silver plated. With the most intricate details, imprinted in this unique piece. Made into a unique statement belt buckle. This piece has been silver plated twice and is attached to a genuine leather belt. We have long used nature as our biggest inspiration and our collection of castings, are all made using original found objects and bones in nature. Using a lost wax casting process, they are forever immortalised. This pelvic bone came from a Sea Eagle, found on a beach in Denmark.


Solid brass silver plated, copper and leather


11.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Shipping Country

United Kingdom

Handling Timeframe

Two days

Use & Maintenance

If the brass gets tarnished, simply rub it with wire wool, or use a cloth with a bit of vinegar, salt and lemon.