Wall Art - Evolution

By: Woodmood

Made with Love Made in Portugal Responsible_Materials S Responsibility Upcycled


Chestnut wood wall piece, recovered from an abandoned sawmill in the Serra do Caramulo, northern Portugal. This item includes wall mounting hardware.

NOTE – Due to the nature of production and use of this product, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


Upcycled wood, acrylic varnish and beeswax finish


50 cm x 25 cm

Shipping Country


Method of Creation

This item will be made to order and will always have unique characteristics. No item is exactly the same to the next, but it will be similar, made with the same quote and the same colours. The wood base will always have its own identity. On the back side of each piece we place a unique tag, describing the story and origin of the wood it was made from.

Handling Timeframe

Seven days

Use & Maintenance

To preserve wood we recommend simply cleaning it with a damp cloth and if possible, depending on the use and if it is indoor or outdoor, we recommend that you evenly spread a layer of beeswax on it with a cloth from time to time. You can also use a classic dust spray, preferentially eco-friendly and with cedar oil.