Boletus Mushroom Leather Clutch Bag


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NOTE: This item is only available to pre-order. Please consult the handling timeframe below, before you make your purchase. Note that we will process your payment on purchase and that the item will only be shipped once it becomes available.


A rustic clutch bag with a removable wrist strap. Handmade and hand-painted by Mushi´s designer, Mariza.


A symbiotic combination of 100% jute fiber burlap and 100% suede-like mushroom leather from MuSkin©. The lining is made of 100% linen, handprinted with eco-friendly water-based textile ink. Mushroom leather is completely made from the cap of a gigantic, inedible mushroom that grows on trees (Phellinus ellipsoideus). Once extracted, the material is treated with chemical-free, natural techniques.


35 cm x 25 cm

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Method of Creation

This item is only available to pre-order, as Mushi awaits to re-stock their mushroom leather. If you order this item we will get in touch with you as soon as the bag is in production.

Handling Timeframe

1 to 2 months

Use & Maintenance

Burlap can be gently hand-cleaned with a soft detergent and air-dried away from direct sunlight when needed. Mushroom-grown fabric is not naturally waterproof, but it can be waxed from time to time with natural wax for waterproofing, higher durability and beautiful aging.