Guimarães, Portugal
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  • Founder

    Adriana Mano

    Founded In



    Guimarães, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “I embarked on this journey with the dream to develop a positive, ethical and sustainable project, inspired by the idea of using trash as a raw material. Our whole Zouri team has a background in environmental activism: cleaning beaches and woods, planting trees and collaborating with various environmental groups, associations and NGOs.

    We all feel deeply connected to nature and motivated to replenish the environment and make a greater contribution to the planet. The climate crisis further motivated our intention to contribute more actively and that was when we realised that as designers and creatives we are able to transform plastic trash from Portuguese coast into raw material.

    We are essentially an eco-vegan footwear brand that uses plastic trash from the Portuguese coast together with ecological and sustainable materials to create shoes and sandals.

    Every year over 22 million tons of plastic ends up in our ocean. With a group of six hundred volunteers from local institutions, NGOs and schools we have managed to begin to clean up our coast.

    As a result, this year we removed one ton of plastic waste from Portuguese beaches.” (Adriana Mano)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Our goal is to have a positive social impact. We work with local institutions, schools and NGOs to collect the plastic and give awareness presentations. In parallel we are working with the shoe industry in Portugal to transform their way of production and materials sourcing.

    We pride ourselves in the fair and ethical manufacturing of our products, fully made in Portugal. Our factory in Guimarães guarantees that every pair of sneakers has the same detail and perfection.

    When you receive your sneakers you will find a letter with all the materials used in your sneakers, quantities, and the location where the plastic within the sole was collected. You will also discover the name of the people that made your Zouri shoe.

    Our long-term mission is to inspire other designers and entrepreneurs to use what is considered waste as a raw material. Our vision is to develop an eco-design academy that develops products, art and systems made with waste.” (Adriana Mano)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Guimarães, Portugal


    “Our sneakers and sandals are crafted in 100 per cent eco-vegan materials and plastic from the ocean.

    The upper and lining is made with organic cotton (GOTS and Fair Trade certified) or piñatex (pineapple leaves fabric) and the lining with recycled PET fabric.

    The natural rubber outsole is mixed with plastic trash from the ocean and the EVA midsole with 15% recycled material.
    Each pair of sneakers reuses the equivalent of six bottles of plastic from the ocean.

    The organic cotton come from Germany. Our piñatex comes from the United Kingdom. EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) recycled and plastic from the Portuguese coast. Insoles and lining come from Spain. The cork, soles, laces and shoe boxes are from Portugal.” (Adriana Mano)


    “We send all our products in a recyclable, recycled cardboard box, with an ID of the shoe that comes with a transparency flyer describing all materials, production team, Zouri team, location where the plastic was collected and on what date. We analysed the entire value chain to prevent causing waste." (Adriana Mano)

    Method of Creation

    “Our creation process starts with the selection of the most sustainable materials and the design of the footwear. Our team is small but very powerful. Hugo Melo is the man with the pencils that gets lost drawing and drawing, Adriana Mano is obsessed with materials, always looking for the most ethical and sustainable options.

    The concept and design process happens in our Atelier in Braga, Portugal. We select and develop the models, test them with extreme scrutiny for durability, comfort and ergonomy. Once we have the final prototype, we work with artisans in Guimarães to produce the best quality sneakers with the most sustainable techniques.” (Adriana Mano)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Avoid washing. If needed, wash it only with water — no detergent — at a cool temperature — no centrifugation/spinning — and dry in the shade. You should separate the laces, insoles and shoes before washing.” (Adriana Mano)