Almada, Portugal
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  • Founder

    Miguel Castro

    Founded In



    Almada, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “Since I was a child I have been inspired by wood. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because my dad was a carpenter in his free time, or because my grandfather was a carpenter full-time, just like his father, and his father’s father. There were always nails, chisels and fillisters around. Majestic trees to climb and forests to admire. I always loved this environment, but life took me on a different path. Luckily this path ended up bringing me back home the moment I caught myself staring at these beautifully aged shutters — their colouring and texture were incredible. I just couldn’t get them out of my head.

    At that moment something clicked and I decided I was going to make it my mission to give a new life to reclaimed wood. Wood that emanates history and powerful stories.” (Miguel Castro)

    Purpose & Mission

    "The elves of WoodMood are myself — a guy in love with the project — and friends who all contribute with their own talents — design, ideas, pallets and beams, old hardware, amongst many others.

    My mission is to create unique pieces from the most improbable and unexpected reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood in this world. We design functional pieces, that will last you a lifetime with a splash of originality.” (Miguel Castro)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Almada, Portugal


    “To become Woodmood, all ingredients must respect our criteria. The wood must be reclaimed, but if new wood is necessary, then it must be sourced from a sustainable forest. All paint and finishing materials must be organic or water based and we give utmost priority to national products and to supporting our local economy.

    A large percentage of our wood is sourced from old construction sites — we love wood that has been aged by the sun and the sea.

    Each piece has been assessed individually, making it fully unique. We love a good challenge!” (Miguel Castro)

    Method of Creation

    “The entire process of creating WooodMood pieces is made with our hands and heart. From looking for raw materials in the most unlikely places, to collecting, cleaning, preparing, creating the artwork and finishing each item. We are fully present in the entire process and we love all the steps!

    Sometimes strangers contact us because they found an abandoned piece of furniture next to a garbage container, or because they have a bunch of old wood boards in a corner of their garden for years without knowing what to do with them, or someone replaces an old wooden roof and feels terrible to discard those huge beams. We love meeting these people and giving a new life to the noble materials they were generous to gift us.

    Other times we go hunting for wood. Collecting wood from beach cleaning actions, local garden pruning, our neighbour's tree cutting or old abandoned houses that are being restored. There is precious wood full of potential everywhere! We just have to be alert.

    After the collection phase ends, the process of cleaning and preparing the wood begins. The boards often have to remain in a purging chamber to make sure there are no little creatures feeding on the wood left. Then the wood is stored until its time comes to be reborn. In the meantime the creative process takes place.

    WoodMood is best known for its boards with phrases, quotes and thoughts, which reach us from everywhere: proposals from customers and friends, books or films we come across, discoveries on the internet, everything that speaks to us in that creative moment. And just like this a new life and purpose is painted on a beautiful and old piece of nature, like wood.” (Miguel Castro)

    Use & Maintenance

    “To preserve wood we recommend simply cleaning it with a damp cloth and if possible, depending on the use and if it is indoor or outdoor, we recommend that you evenly spread a layer of beeswax on it with a cloth from time to time. You can also use a classic dust spray, preferentially eco-friendly and with cedar oil.” (Miguel Castro)