Porto, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Resource Efficiency Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility Transparency
  • Founder

    Pedro Macana & Daniel Gonçalves

    Founded In



    Porto, Portugal

    Brand Story

    "Wayz was founded at the end of 2018 by Pedro Maçana and Daniel Gonçalves. It's a dream that gathers all our passions, beliefs, values and much more. Wayz was born from our deep belief that society should evolve and have a more global concern for humanity. We want to see more social and environmental responsibility in brands and companies engaged in caring about people and our planet.
    Our mission is to create ethical sneakers, made to last, a timeless design and sell them at fair prices so they can be accessible to more and more people. We give back to society helping socially vulnerable and homeless people in Porto — 1% of our sales is donated to a local NGO, SAOM." (Pedro & Daniel)

    Purpose & Mission

    "Wayz means Wave At Your Zest for life.
    It is our own statement about our wish to live life to the fullest and inspire other people to do the same, finding their ways to a more authentic and zestful life.
    We bring humanity to the heart of business, empowering people and protecting our planet. That's our Way… Walk Your Way!" (Pedro & Daniel)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    "We source and produce locally. All the shoe components are sourced and production takes place within a 70 km radius in Porto, Portugal.
    Assembled at Rich Company — Lousada, Portugal
    Vegetable tanned leather produced by Curtumes Aveneda, Ovar, Portugal
    Insole produced by Poleva, Felgueiras, Portugal
    Outsole produced by Bolflex, Felgueiras, Portugal
    Shoe box produced by Cartonagem Marui, Avintes, Portugal" (Pedro & Daniel)


    “Biodegradable (Chromium and metal free) leather
    Recycled plastic textile, made from Mediterranean Sea waste
    Recycled rubber outsoles
    Biodegradable insoles made of latex, linen and wood and wool fibres” (Pedro & Daniel)


    “Our sneakers are shipped in one recycled cardboard box, optimised to be a shoe box and a shipment box. This way we avoid sending a box inside a box and wasting resources.” (Pedro & Daniel)

    Method of Creation

    "We didn’t believe in any brand, or sneaker, so we decided to make sneakers our way. And 'our way' means designing, sourcing and producing locally with the least intermediaries possible. To create sneakers responsibly, with the lowest environmental footprint, and be able to sell them at a fair price. This ambition pushed us to create timeless designs, step out of fashion trends, use high quality and eco-friendly materials (vegetable tanned leather and recycled rubber) and a solid construction (stitched and rubber outsoles) so that our sneakers can last longer. As we usually say, we want them to be part of people's life, and memories.
    We also designed genderless, seasonless and versatile sneakers to simplify our offer and to make it easier for our citizens to choose their favourite design and colour, knowing that they can wear them all year (so it's worth the investment), and in any occasion, formal or informal.
    Finally, we needed some inspiration to mix our assumptions with a coherent aesthetic that would give our sneakers a personality and an attractive and modern look.
    As a local brand, and very proud of our origins, it was natural for us to feel inspired by our hometown, Porto. The Douro river and its bridges, the narrow and winding streets and its people — sincere, with a strong, solid character, like the city’s escarpments and buildings made of granite, which are at the same time progressive and liberal." (Pedro & Daniel)

    Use & Maintenance

    "Wayz sneakers are made to last with high quality materials. Taking proper care will make them last longer!
    Do not wash your sneakers in a washing machine. They are mostly made of leather which can be easily damaged when dipped in water.
    Clean the leather with a humid cloth and maintain it with a specific leather care product in the form of a spray or cream. Preferably with natural ingredients.
    The suede panels can be cleaned by dry brushing.
    The canvas panels and the outsole can be brushed and cleaned with water and soap.
    Take out the shoelaces and wash them with water and soap." (Pedro & Daniel)