Lisbon, Portugal
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  • Founder

    Kelly Failliot & Arianne Amores

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    Lisbon, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “The idea of launching a biodegradable glitter brand began during a carnival night in Lisbon. We realised that so many people were using plastic glitter and after a thorough market study found no local brand existed that provided an eco-friendly solution.

    More than just a biodegradable glitter brand, our goal was to find a way to make eco-glitter the norm in our culture, as well as increase awareness about plastic glitter pollution. Thus we founded #thesparkleffect movement, by combining eco glitter with a cool accessory.

    We want people to be able to be a part of something bigger — wearing eco glitter not just as make-up, but also as an accessory with a special meaning that is easy to share. By the end of April 2019 we assembled all materials and launched two products: The Sparkle Necklace and The Sparkle Bottle.” (Kelly Failliot & Arianne Amores)

    Purpose & Mission

    “By combining eco glitter with an accessory our mission is to increase awareness about how detrimental plastic glitter is for our planet.

    With #thesparkleffect movement we aim to spread eco-sparkle happiness, while raising environmental consciousness. Common glitter is made from plastic sheets and used in a wide array of products.

    When washed down the drain, glitter becomes a subset of marine plastic litter known as microplastics. Microplastics are found throughout the world’s oceans, from the surface to the deep sea.” (Kelly Failliot & Arianne Amores)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Lisbon, Portugal


    “Cosmetic Bioglitter® - Ronald Britton Ltd, UK, glass bottles, cork and recycled cotton string

    Our glitter is made of plant cellulose, derived predominantly from eucalyptus trees, making it biodegradable, vegan and marine friendly. Sparkle bottles are made out of glass, which is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled over and over again.

    We opted for cork instead of aluminium closures as it is a natural product and a fundamental contribution to the environmental, economic and social sustainability of rural areas in Portugal.

    Our multi-color strings are made of recycled cotton and vary in color.” (Kelly Failliot & Arianne Amores)


    Recycled paper

    Method of Creation

    “As we are still a small team of only two, we both do a little bit of everything, while taking maximum advantage of our areas of specialisation. When it comes to the product, we usually get together to assemble it.

    Sometimes we organise Sparkle dinners, where we invite a bunch of friends for dinner, and make necklaces all together. At the end of these fun nights we end up with amazing insights for our sustainable project, as TheSparkleEffect is always the main topic of conversation.

    Until now, we have been doing everything ‘in-house’ - from making the product, to the photography, design, website, social media, PR, sales, stock management and finance. We are very passionate about our project and everyday is a new sparkly adventure!” (Kelly Failliot & Arianne Amores)

    Use & Maintenance

    “It’s important to be aware that the corks closing the bottles are fragile. We warn our citizens to open them carefully, so they won’t break.

    To fixate the bio glitter we recommend our citizens to apply a natural cream before the application.

    We refill our necklace/bottle Sparkle glass bottles for 2€, for citizens to reuse them when they’re empty.” (Kelly Failliot & Arianne Amores)