Zero Waste Clutch

By: Teresa Gameiro

Made with Love Made in Portugal S Responsibility Upcycled


Inspired by the table cloths of my grandma and made by bright weavers using their stunning handlooms, weaving to the sound of nature or the local radio. They may also be used as hand towels.
Handmade in handloom using 100% pure cotton thread. Designed as three different kinds of weaving. Fringes are also finished by hand.

NOTE – Due to the nature of production and use of this product, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


Vegetable leather
Textile waste 100% cotton


32 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm

Shipping Country


Method of Creation

Made to order

Handling Timeframe

10 days

Use & Maintenance

Use wax to clean the vegetable leather