Shaista Design

India, Spain and Italy
Made with Love Social Responsibility
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    India, Spain and Italy

    Brand Story

    "SHAISTA DESIGN philosophies develop from paying respect to the past, questioning the present and creating for the future. Raised in India, I have been travelling across the globe where I was exposed to the many disappearing art forms and artisan communities. Shaista Design was born out of a desire to re-interpret these ancient practices of jewellery design.
    For my clothes I use the core strength of a playful imaginative tale of craftsmanship that breathes freedom of my self-expression.
    I look at each of my creations and the journey of festivals and sales as a medium of connection through people from all over the world. My aim is to bring in different cultures and traditions, exchange different art forms and spread awareness of our existence by connecting and sharing my work throughout the globe.
    I aim to support and nurture principles of fair trade, oneness, less consumerism, authenticity, respect for nature, and collective awakeness. A life of conscious living and mostly equality, understanding that we are all one breathing inspiration and knowledge to each other, capable of creating harmony. By supporting us, you support lives and culture.
    I started off my journey with a team of three tailors outsourcing in Rajasthan, working with the customary night market in Goa, India. Today with the support from all these people, I have my own workshop and a team of 12 people, all who decided to leave their home in Rajasthan to come help me build a dream that we all believe in together. We tied up with fair trade manufacturers to source ecological products to only produce in harmony with nature, understanding that using material that destroys nature eventually destroys us as we are nature ourselves. We support various nursing homes and orphanages, by upcycling clothing for them, to contribute by creating value and minimising waste. We also have managed to open up a store showcasing the artwork and ideas of others, who perceive a dream like me." (Shaista)

    Purpose & Mission

    "My travels and the desire to explore the world and its different cultures, arts, people and the ongoing conditions of the present world, has been the biggest inspiration in my creations. The world is mine and everyone’s home. This motivates me to derive different inspiration along my travels, indulging in breaking the patterns of conditioning and allowing freedom of self-expression. Thus I am able to express myself fully – to everyone involved in making, in wearing, talking and acknowledging my creations. Communicating my growth with the medium of art to all. The goal is to promote freedom of thought and expression, by challenging the authority of my imagination. Like this I hope people may indulge in my artwork and experience an outlook of oneness. My aim is to gather as many in this journey as possible. To be able to grow, create, support, care and coexist. A journey that continues to inspire me and the people with me." (Shaista)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    India and Spain


    “All the material utilised is purchased from local manufacturers as India is a highly held country regarding traditional organic farming.
    We use natural dyes and to gain darker shades of certain colours, we use Azo-free dye which is not harmful to the environment, producer or wearer.” (Shaista)

    Method of Creation

    "Designing — Fabric sourcing in different cities in India — Natural dyes — Transported to workshop — Pattern cutting, sampling — Production (cut and sew) — Quality checking — Trials — Shipments. The items are produced in Goa, India." (Shaista)

    Use & Maintenance

    "Mend when torn, reuse when worn. Use with love. Recycle. Handwash or machine wash in cold water" (Shaista)