Bali, Indonesia
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  • Founder

    Ami Ganiel & Dan Keller

    Founded In



    Bali, Indonesia

    Brand Story

    “Our story began with Ami Ganiel and myself, Dan Keller, two best friends. We were also (and still are) travellers, adventures, light warriors, rain dancers and party-goers. We realised that the clothes we wanted and needed for our personal expression and our adventurous lifestyles were not readily available at the time. Out of these needs, we began to create comfortable, stylish, defining attires to express and suit our lifestyles.

    From the first collection release in the new year of 2000, Psylo quickly grabbed the attention of unique like-minded people and rapidly expanded. Shortly after that, we set up our own factory in Bali, Indonesia. Manufacturing the Psylo line in Bali allows us to build upon local traditions of design, arts and crafts. Where local tailors and artisans are competent in the necessary complex and cutting-edge cut & sew techniques, mineral washes, colour discharge, hand knitting and a variety of application techniques which embody Psylo designs. As a vertically integrated manufacturing company, we have consolidated all stages of production under one roof. From the design, cutting, screen printing and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing itself, all is done by our personally-trained staff.

    Starting as two friends selling their original designs out of a camper van in music festivals, in 2007 we opened the first Psylo flag shop in the famous Camden’s Stables Market in London — home of alternative and underground culture. Following its success, Koh Samui flag shop was opened in 2010. The shop at Playa del Carmen in 2014 and Tulum in 2016. Our shop in Bali has been in operation since 2009. Despite the upscaling of production, every piece of Psylo clothing continues to be produced with all of its original intent. Still connected to where we started, we continue to bring Psylo designs to music festivals around the world every summer.

    It has been a beautiful journey of growth for Psylo — as individuals, as a collective and as a style. The future is full of wonder and we are open to what may join us on our path.” (Dan Keller)

    Purpose & Mission

    “All of our employees are legal adults and receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a work week. As a global company, our employees are very diverse, coming from different religious backgrounds. We respect their traditions and holidays, by giving them the necessary time off to celebrate their worship, or religious events and holidays. The establishment and maintenance of a harmonious working environment are essential in keeping our high employee retention rate. The management in our worldwide locations is local; therefore, it is sensitive to the needs of staff.
    It is also important to support a healthy and happy working environment in order to produce high-frequency clothing. It is believed that in the creation of something new, the energy of the creator — in this case, our tailors, is mixed into the product. Therefore, each Psylo garment, whether yoga clothes or clubbing dresses, is blessed before leaving our factory. To cleanse it from any negative energy or vibration, or lower frequency, that might have gotten into it during the process of creation. We craft it with love.” (Dan Keller)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Bali, Indonesia


    "Recyclable envelopes and biodegradable bags. If we run out, we use alternative options as clear poly-bags or recyclable wrapping paper." (Dan Keller)

    Method of Creation

    “Psylo is a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of women’s clothing, men’s clothing and children’s clothing. ‘Vertically integrated’ means that we consolidated all stages of production under one roof, from the design, cutting, and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing itself. Having all production stages happening under one roof enables our management to directly supervise and maintain ethical working conditions for all our workers. We provide a safe, healthy, and happy environment for our employees.” (Dan Keller)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Most of our fabrics are natural, hand dyed, and some are hand knitted, and hand-printed (silkscreen). Almost all products have been pre-washed to prevent shrinking. Thus our products should be washed in cold water, not exceeding 30ºC by hand or a delicates cycle in a washing machine. Never tumbled dry our items.
    Washing our products in hot water and in a heavy settings on the washing machine might damage the natural fibres. Detergent or fabric softener that contains bleaching agents might cause fading of fabric or paint colours. If you dry your Psylo clothes in direct sunlight, the UV light exposure might also cause fading of fabrics or print colours.” (Dan Keller)