Lisbon, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Ana Penha e Costa

    Founded In



    Lisbon, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “+351 is a 100 per cent Portuguese brand inspired by the Atlantic. I created the brand in Lisbon, surrounded by the city and the sea. In-between catching waves at home and traveling the world to explore other customs and experiences, my vision for +351 quickly became the pursuit of turning the dialing country code of Portugal into an expression of cultural identity. The brand is inspired by my lifestyle as a surfer and the portuguese traditions in textiles and crafts.” (Ana Penha e Costa)

    Purpose & Mission

    “My mission was always to create something truly genuine that reflected my lifestyle and my roots. So, after living in Brazil I came back to Portugal to create +351, a brand that is 100 per cent produced in Portugal.” (Ana Penha e Costa)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    North of Portugal


    “All materials we use are dyed and finished with responsible and non-toxic chemicals and follow EU and Portuguese standard Health and Safety Regulations.” (Ana Penha e Costa)


    Kraft envelopes.

    Method of Creation

    “We design all our products in Lisbon and then produce them in various partner factories in the North of Portugal.” (Ana Penha e Costa)

    Use & Maintenance

    “To keep +351 items in great shape, hand-wash or wash with a delicates cycle in cold water only. No dryer, no wringing, and ideally, lay flat to dry.” (Ana Penha e Costa)