Tel Aviv, Israel
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  • Founder

    Idan Cohen

    Founded In



    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Brand Story

    “We are a collective of dreamers. Our main goal is bringing our artwork to life. With an experience of over two decades - encountering and tackling new challenges has become a part of who we are. Each Plazmalab member contributes to what we'd like to think of as a ‘creative house’ that extends itself way beyond fashion. These days you can see our art on clothes, walls, huge wooden constructions, etc.You name it, we're glad to do it.” (Idan Cohen)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Our products are all manufactured locally, done individually by a bunch of super talented, creative craftsmen. The designers, ink masters and pattern makers all have a part in the elaborate process of production. Plazmalab can be found in a variety of shops, music festivals, and art events all over the world.

    Plazmalab started as a small, unique shop in Tel-Aviv about two decades ago. It became a haven for people who were searching for alternative ways to express their individuality through fashion, and in a way helped to shape a cultural scene that was evolving in the city in those years. Since then Plazmalab kept on growing, always looking for new ways to evolve and expand.

    These days we produce all our products from scratch, and orchestrate the different stages of design and manufacturing. Our studio and headquarters is located on a rooftop overlooking the city of Tel-Aviv, it holds a group of creative individuals that help shape the concept of Plazmalab. We design our own unique cuts and graphics, do screen development and silk-screen prints. All this is done by our group of talented in-house artists.” (Idan Cohen)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Tel Aviv, Israel


    “Someone’s waste is our treasure! We take old books and make them into new amazing art prints. Also, we do not use water for the art process. We make sure all the paper we print on is 100 per cent recycled.” (Idan Cohen)


    “We have our own packing bags to make sure the delivery gets to our citizens in the best condition.” (Idan Cohen)

    Method of Creation

    “Our group of artists are always striving to create innovative imagery using different styles and techniques - ranging from intricate pencil works to digital collages, 3D modeling, illustration and sculpture.

    Throughout the years we had many individuals that contributed to our growth and continuously redefined our objectives and aspirations.
    We begin by selecting fabrics for our next collection. We manufacture our own unique fabrics by putting them through a series of lab tests, carefully choosing the composition of fabrics, testing them for durability and creating our own colors. Each season starts off with a fresh palette of colors.

    Once the graphic design is ready and printed onto a transparent film, we start the stage of screen development. Each color of the design is developed onto an individual screen in a similar way to photography development in dark rooms. we choose the right type of screen according to the graphic being printed. Once the screen has been developed and checked for errors, we are ready to move to the next level.

    Boom Festival clothing collection is a co-creation with us and the artwork was originally developed and manually printed via Silk Screen on each item. These items were manufactured in Israel and the fabric was sourced in Turkey.” (Idan Cohen)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Place our art on your wall and enjoy it” (Idan Cohen)