Lisbon, Portugal
Made with Love Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Maria Ochoa Pires, Manuel Ochoa Pires & Estanislau Pierre

    Founded In



    Lisbon, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “It all started when Maria was studying and travelling in India. Here she found the diversity in colours and patterns. Later, she invited Manuel and with Estanislau, we founded Otherwise.
    We strongly take into account our social and environmental impact, giving preference to long-lasting materials and our unique and responsible printing and dyeing process. Otherwise consciously takes a chance to be different by creating only 30 shirts per print, by taking its first steps in organic materials and by applying hand printing techniques.” (Maria, Manuel & Estanislau)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Our wish is to be an exclusive brand, in which each citizen is driven to feel unique. Our mission is to implement all the processes necessary to ensure we are a responsible brand, regarding the sustainability of the manufacturing processes.” (Maria, Manuel & Estanislau)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Delhi — Ahmedabad, India


    “We use organic cotton sourced from small local suppliers in the region of Ahmedabad.
    Our bags are made from deadstock fabric.” (Maria, Manuel & Estanislau)


    Paper kraft

    Method of Creation

    “After the designs are envisioned by us, we produce a sample with material made in India. We give preference to hand printing with natural colours, such as block printing.
    "The design and print pattern is made and chosen by us. We work in a factory with seven people: four tailors (Vijay, Omar, Rangeet, Ganesh), one pattern maker (Verender) and one handler (Arish). We choose to work in a small team where we can have close personal relationships with everyone.
    We produce all our collections within fair trade principles.
    The shipment of the pieces from the factory is made in kraft paper envelopes, which are then reused for shipment to the citizens.” (Maria, Manuel & Estanislau)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Hand wash with cold water. Do not use bleach or softener. Use a neutral soap and hang to dry in the shade.” (Maria, Manuel & Estanislau)