Organik Mechanik

East Sussex, United Kingdom
Made with Love Resource Efficiency Social Responsibility Upcycled
  • Founder

    Matilda Murback & Mira Donath

    Founded In



    East Sussex, United Kingdom

    Brand Story

    “We founded Organik Mechanik in 2011 and are the directors of the company as well as the creators of our products. We both found our passion in metalwork and launched our brand with a small handmade jewellery collection made of recycled materials. In 2013 we produced our first clothing range, by sourcing organic fabrics and using plant based dyes. Today our clothing range is quite small, we produce roughly five designs per year, and mainly focus on designing and creating jewellery.” (Matilda Murback & Mira Donath)

    Purpose & Mission

    “We are a small company and we create for the love of creating. We are inspired by nature and the everyday magic of life. We try our best to reuse and recycle materials and we always strive to do better. As we envision a world where every material is precious and we turn our back to a wasteful society.

    Our workshop is a shared space with a diverse group of creative people, who all have the same goal, to upcycle discarded objects and materials into useful and beautiful pieces. We collect rainwater and use solar power, as well as other unusual power sources and as a group share the effort to support the local economy.

    We also maintain a small vegetable garden at the back of our workshop, which provides us with daily fresh organic produce.” (Matilda Murback & Mira Donath)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    United Kingdom and India


    “Untreated cardboard boxes as well as boxes with our logo, using screen printing.” (Matilda Murback & Mira Donath)

    Method of Creation

    “Our jewellery collection is handmade by us in our studio based in the East Sussex countryside, in the UK. We strive to use as many recycled materials as possible and all our metal is sourced from the local recycling yard. When sourcing other products, such as cleaning solutions, we only use eco friendly options. Our feathers are also sourced locally, from nearby farms/gamekeepers.

    We have long used nature as our biggest inspiration and our collection of castings are all made using objects and bones found in nature. For our castings, we work with a jewellery company in India, that creates castings with a lost and ancient wax process. We then transform them into various pieces of jewellery and costume wear.” (Matilda Murback & Mira Donath)

    Use & Maintenance

    “To keep our products shiny and beautiful, all brass and copper products can be polished with a brass copper cleaner if needed or a mixture of salt and vinegar.

    The feathers in the mohawk and flower crown are exchangeable so you can exchange them if they get lost or broken.” (Matilda Murback & Mira Donath)