One of Us

Made with Love Made in Portugal Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility Upcycled
  • Founder

    Inês, Francisco Oliveira Bastos & Constança Belchior

    Brand Story

    “Inês and I (Francisco) – aka Noki & Francis – built our careers in the fields of graphic and surface design. Inês studied fashion design and was introduced to the world of prints, in which she decided to pursue her career. She ended up staying in London for twelve years, having spent the last three years also hopping between New York and Los Angeles. She spent most of this time abroad as a designer but naturally became involved with production, logistics and textile sales.

    I have a graphic design background and worked in advertising, creative direction and brand activation for the last fifteen years. The state of the planet and living in balance with it have always been matters dear to my heart. Becoming a vegetarian was therefore a natural step in my life. Now I am on a path to learn more about having an even broader conscious lifestyle.

    The idea to create One of Us came alongside the birth of our first son. Being parents gave us the will to create a sustainable brand for kids that was suited to a more relaxed and conscious way of life. A world where children are reconnected with nature, family values are treasured and community life is nurtured. Later on, we invited a longtime friend to join us in this adventure.

    Constança, a marine biologist at heart, has been roaming for the last fifteen years on a journey to better explore the relationships between marine and human ecosystems. She spent the last ten years abroad, between Brazil and Denmark, mostly writing many reports on sustainability for scientists, politicians and the public." (Inês, Francisco Oliveira Bastos & Constança Belchior)

    Purpose & Mission

    “We want to create products and services for children, where the concept and design reflect a sustainable and positive future. We believe children are triggers for transformation in society. We want to be a reference brand in the development of conscious children, who, as adults, will nurture their families, communities and their planet. Our main brand values are: Conscious Parenthood, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Quality of Life, Transparency and Creativity.

    We work from home and since this is a small business we wish to grow slowly and sustainably, we only work with small factories in which great conditions and fair salaries are prevalent. All of these factories are based in the North of Portugal. We maintain regular visits to follow our products and to assure the best quality is delivered to our citizens. We actively support CrescerSer Children's Association ” (Inês, Francisco Oliveira Bastos & Constança Belchior)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Lisbon, Portugal


    “100% Organic cotton on all printed pieces and deadstock/industry excess.
    100% Cotton on all plain pieces.” (Inês, Francisco Oliveira Bastos & Constança Belchior)


    Cardboard and tissue paper.

    Method of Creation

    “We work with different small companies in Portugal, from production to pattern cutting and printing.” (Inês, Francisco Oliveira Bastos & Constança Belchior)

    Use & Maintenance

    Machine wash up to 30°C. You can iron and dry flat. Do not tumble dry.