Nora's Tarot Palace

Aachen, Germany
Made with Love Regenerate
  • Founder

    Nora Huszka

    Founded In



    Aachen, Germany

    Brand Story

    “Art and magic met in 2013. They have existed in my life before, but in parallel – my art, highly intuitive and whimsical, and my card reading, that I loved to practise and helped me to encounter many gorgeous people and tune into my gifts.
    I realised how my images belonged together, telling a story that is larger than myself. Subsequently I organised them into a box of magic, a splash of colour and inspiration. Three years and hundreds of card readings later, I created another deck to help citizens channel the exceptional energy of dragons.
    Each of the cards are adorned with my own artworks and I believe art is so important as it finds the purest way to people’s hearts.
    Tarot became a framework, a system where I could strongly connect with my tribe.
    I am grateful that they are now used and loved all over the world, and can reach you with their message.” (Nora Huszka)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Find the magic that lies within you!
    My mission is to show you the clearest mirror I possibly can, my handmade art, that you can look into. Where you can recognise yourself, your true self, your potential and your shadow, while being enchanted by the magic of Tarot.
    I have created a tool that offers endless possibilities of interpretation, new ways of communicating with people around you and cards for meditation. These decks will trigger your intuition and guide you to your very personal world of symbols, colours and characters. I feel blessed that you chose my decks to discover your own tale!” (Nora Huszka)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Aachen, Germany


    “The decks are printed on high quality card stock that is unfortunately virgin material.” (Nora Huszka)


    Recycled paper

    Method of Creation

    “I take complete responsibility for my products and I handle them alone. I am the creator of all the images.” (Nora Huszka)

    Use & Maintenance

    “These cards are of great quality and with care, they will be with you for many years. Please avoid a wet and humid environment as it can damage the paper.” (Nora Huszka)