Coimbra, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal
  • Founder

    Maria Rita Carvalho

    Founded In



    Coimbra, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “Our work is mainly inspired by nature and native tribes around the Earth! All our pieces are handmade and hand sewn, with lots of love. Some pieces can take several hours to make, and you can see our love in everything we create. We love to mix a variety of natural materials to produce our handmade products, such as leather, stones, crystals, feathers, wood, bones, etc. All our materials are responsibly sourced, respecting the natural flow of all life. We hope you enjoy them.” (Maria Rita Carvalho)

    Purpose & Mission

    “As an alternative brand, our mission is to bring awareness to indigenous tribes’ vulnerabilities caused by our mass consuming modern society. At the same time we strive to present ways to progress towards a sustainable lifestyle, where we can live in harmony with our planet and its resources. The materials we use come from responsible sources and are highly durable. In fact, if you take care of your Nativa item with care, it can last for a lifetime! We work to make you feel comfortable, guilt-free and beautiful using our accessories.” (Maria Rita Carvalho)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Coimbra, Portugal
    Waalwijk, Netherlands


    “Many of my leather hides are sourced from the footwear industry. Leftovers that would otherwise be destined for landfill or downcycling. In case this sourcing option isn’t available, I always try to buy from outlets or from the end of collections.” (Maria Rita Carvalho)


    “Nativa products are packed with love and recycled materials, adorned with some natural finds.” (Maria Rita Carvalho)

    Method of Creation

    “The majority of our products are made to be unique and especially designed for each citizen. We start by identifying a citizen’s needs, and design our products with the purpose of a lifelong accessory that makes you feel more connected to nature and your inner self. The materials are then carefully selected to make each piece durable, practical and beautiful. Even though we use responsible sources for our leather supplies, we understand how some people may still find it unkind for animals. So we decided to also produce our products in vegan leather made from pineapple fibre. You will be amazed how it looks! After the material selection, the production starts. Everything we create is handmade and with so much love. From punching holes to sewing, our heart is in each step of the way. The final product is then carefully packed in a cute paper bag with our tag and shipped in a protective box to meet its new lifetime owner.” (Maria Rita Carvalho)

    Use & Maintenance

    “All leather items can last a lifetime if you take proper care of it. Long exposure to sunlight will dry your leather. Just like your own skin, you should hydrate your leather goods with the right product.
    If your leather product gets wet, let it dry at room temperature.
    If you want to store your bag, do it in a cloth bag, never plastic!
    Use it with love.” (Maria Rita Carvalho)