Paris, France
Made with Love Transparency
  • Founder

    José Bustos

    Founded In



    Paris, France

    Brand Story

    “I was born in Argentina and it was there that I made my first handcrafted creations. These allowed me to travel the world. First in metal, then macramé, as I discovered in South America, combining the different techniques I learned with the different materials I found. The Latin American people offer great value to craftsmanship, that in addition to developing the artistic scene promotes ancestral culture and its evolution, unlike industrial productions and major brands where humans seem non-existent.” (José)

    Purpose & Mission

    “When I sell my jewellery, a human, cultural and ethical exchange takes place. I’m free and creative. I pass on a part of myself and my culture and it allows me to live.” (José)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Paris — Montreuil, France.


    Small recycled paper bag

    Method of Creation

    “Apart from the supply of raw materials (metal, stones, etc.) it is not a production line since I work alone. I source the stones from different countries, by myself or through local friends. I source all my metal in France.” (José)

    Use & Maintenance

    “The best way to take care of my jewellery is to wear it. They can change colour in certain climates, especially at the seaside, but they are very easily cleaned by soaking them in water and lemon or with any cleanser/shiny metal.” (José)