Mad Maf

Cantanhede, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Upcycled
  • Founder

    Mafalda Martins

    Founded In



    Cantanhede, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “My artistic journey began between 2004-2007 during my fashion design degree at CITEX in Porto, Portugal. I graduated in design and communication at E.S.A.D in Matosinhos, Portugal and for a long time I remained active as a graphic designer, however always feeling something was missing. This was when I decided it was time to join forces with my best friend and begin creating an accessories line, which was then called BOTASHAKE. This wonderful project, through experience and acquired knowledge, led me to create MAD MAF, my own brand, in which I finally found the space to create clothing I loved.
    With MAD MAF I aim to deconstruct stereotypes, dress determined people, who are genuine, unique and special. Each of my pieces gains its own DNA with each person it has been made for.

    I personally have a hand in each phase of development of each individual garment. From ideation until creation, all the branding and all contact with all my citizens. Each piece begins with the search for high quality fabric and leather. This is when I envision my pieces and drape them on my mannequin to sculpt them into what I am imagining. This is undoubtedly my favourite medium to express my creative freedom.” (Mafalda Martins)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Creating clothing is my preferred creative outlet. My artistic passion. I wish to be constantly inspired to continue to create. I aim to make a difference through my pieces and embed a unique identity in each one of them.
    I also wish to challenge the unsustainable growth of the fashion industry. Most of all the ubiquitous waste it develops and garments with an extreme lack of quality it creates.
    I truly believe that the responsible way forward is, as the renowned Vivienne Westwood says: ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.’” (Mafalda Martins)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Cantanhede, Portugal


    “The great majority of my hides are produced in europe and are sourced from factory surplus material (deadstock). Samples or excess production from collections of other brands within the sector. All my hides are a byproduct of the meat industry and a great percentage of them are vegetable tanned and include no heavy metals.” (Mafalda Martins)


    "All items are packed in tissue paper, in a paper bag or a fabric bag."(Mafalda Martins)

    Method of Creation

    “I create each MAD MAF piece in my personal atelier using the draping technique, with which I mould fabric on my mannequin to create the result I envision. This allows me to visualise new ideas, explore new techniques and textures. My ambition is to always create a unique and innovative element to my work.
    I source all my fabric and accessories from Portuguese suppliers.” (Mafalda Martins)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Use a soft dry or humid cloth. Don’t use too much water, as leather takes time to dry. If you would like a deep cleaning use an appropriate product for leather. Allow the piece to dry outdoors, but not in direct sunlight. Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol as these can dry out the leather and stain the leather. Keep your MAD MAF item in a dry and cool place.” (Mafalda Martins)