Lobo Apparel

Marvila — Lisbon, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility Upcycled
  • Founder

    Bruno Pereira

    Founded In



    Marvila — Lisbon, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “Lobo is influenced by my grandfather – a woodworker, a wonderful storyteller and a lone wolf – who always blazed his own trail. He was tough and persistent like wood, and chose to work. Artistry was the trademark of his craft that yielded everlasting objects. This is my inspiration. To last.” (Bruno Pereira)

    Purpose & Mission

    "Lobo Apparel’s purpose is to create quality garments and accessories, durable and with a timeless aesthetic. We attempt to resist trends so that our creations don’t evaporate over time and remain with us, as fragments of our History.
    We want people to wear and cherish them, because, by doing so, we’re contributing toward a better planet, saving its resources to the fullest and preserving the environment in which we live.
    A large part of our products and raw materials derive from production surplus. To last." (Bruno Pereira)

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    “In the design of our products, we use excess industrial production, deadstock, surplus production by friendly brands. We work with 100% recycled wool and PET. We use a lot of waste in our packaging.” (Bruno Pereira)


    “We reuse materials as much as possible. We reuse cardboard boxes and all the paper that comes from the factory's original packaging.” (Bruno Pereira)

    Method of Creation

    “Lobo Apparel is inspired by the Portuguese and by Portugal. National traditions, customs and all the aesthetics connected to them. Lobo Apparel is inspired by the sea, the countryside and the mountains. Inspiration is the beginning of the process. Followed by the search for materials with resistance and durability that can give shape to our products. Finally, we focus on refining the aesthetic to result in a design intended to be simple, functional and timeless.” (Bruno Pereira)

    Use & Maintenance

    “The concept of Lobo Apparel is to make pieces that last and that accompany us in life. As such the products have a unique quality and durability. However, they must always be taken care of and adequately treated. Tallow or beeswax should be used for boots and shoes.” (Bruno Pereira)