INTI Wild Wear

Almoçageme, Sintra
Made with Love Made in Portugal
  • Founder

    Catarina Palma

    Founded In



    Almoçageme, Sintra

    Brand Story

    “In 2012 I was working as a full-time journalist at one of the biggest newspapers in Portugal. Living in Lisbon. I was building a career and enjoying the pleasures of urban life. The Arab Spring was storming through the middle East, with repercussions in Africa and the positioning of the newspaper I was working at disappointed me a lot. It completely changed my romantic view of journalism and decided to leave it behind and go on a one year road trip around all 13 countries of South America.

    On this journey I created a photography, travel journalism and art project, called ‘Coração Nómada’ (Nomad Heart) and with it I changed the course of my life. In parallel I began to discover leathercraft and how to work with it on the road, selling it on the streets with local artisans.

    When I returned to Portugal, I decided to devote the biggest part of my life to leathercraft, while working as a freelance journalist. It was then that INTI was born. I borrowed the name from the ancient Aymara people from the highlands of Bolívia. I called my artwork INTI, which is their name for the sun, the pervading light force that creates life in this earthly plane. In 2015 it became my only occupation.” (Catarina Palma)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Someone said, very wisely, that 'your life is your message'. I truly believe that we create our life by following our intuition, and so I walk this earth listening to the guidance of my soul and if it tells me to walk through fire, so I will, because that is what has to happen. I don't believe in changing the world, I believe in changing myself, and the rest will follow. To be fearless, trusting and working to be aligned with my heart's purpose, that is my way of sending my message to the world.

    My products are innovative in the sense that they do not copy what already exists. My work is a constant challenge towards the expansion of my capacity for creativity and uniqueness. INTI's way is to invite our citizens to embrace minimalism, by providing them with bags that they can transform to use in more than one way. Messenger and bucket bags transform into backpacks, leg holsters convert into bold sling bags and kinky harnesses swings into elegance and sophistication.

    Having lived a nomadic lifestyle, I realise the importance of owning very few items that are core to our daily life, enabling us to pack lightly but have many options. My aim is to create day-to-day versatile and adjustable pieces that can also be worn during your travels and to festivals.” (Catarina Palma)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Almoçageme, Sintra


    “Our bags are mainly made out of cow hides, which provide strong and resistant pieces. Goat leather is also present, for its softness, lightness and durability. Pig leather is only used for some small details, mainly working as a second, internal, layer to provide structure.” (Catarina Palma)


    Tote bags made of 100 per cent organic cotton and produced in Portugal.

    Method of Creation

    “At the moment I work in my own atelier, between the beach and the mountain, one of my favorite places in the world. I get my materials from a few sources that I discovered throughout the years and that have become a part of my family. One little shop in Mouraria, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon; one family business in Alcanena, the place for excellent leather in Portugal; and the fittings from a traditional supplier in Lisbon.

    Some apprentices have passed through INTI's atelier, but right now I’m the only person creating our leather items. Renata Jourdan is responsible for our web design, she’s a brazilian designer and fashion adviser, who is currently also developing our marketing department.

    We honour the ancient art of leatherworking by producing long lasting, exclusive products. Acquiring high quality material is just the beginning. Your INTI piece will most likely change color and adapt to your body, transforming into your companion for years. This our way of honoring and respecting life, 180º away from the chaos of the global supply chain.” (Catarina Palma)

    Use & Maintenance

    Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry flat in the shade.