Indian Nature

Ericeira, Portugal
Made with Love Responsible_Materials
  • Founder

    José Cunha

    Founded In



    Ericeira, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “I founded Indian Nature from a wish to share my experiences throughout my travels around the world for the past 12 years. I became particularly fascinated by tribes from Brazil, Mexico and Colombia and decided to invite Portuguese artists to collaborate with me to create a series of prints that mix a realistic tribal style with lines and sacred power animals. Some of them have symbolic Mayan culture elements.” (José Cunha)

    Purpose & Mission

    “My mission is to raise awareness of references from the jungle and other natural cultures around our planet. For 2020, I will launch a new selection of drawings, manifesting the materialisation and deconstruction of the Cosmos, represented by different animals of power!” (José Cunha)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Ericeira, Portugal & India


    100% Organic cotton

    Method of Creation

    "Company: Continental Clothing Co.
    Country: India
    Worker Conditions: Fair Fashion Network collaboration providing living wages to workers." (José Cunha)

    Use & Maintenance

    “To save energy, not to pollute waterways and make our garments last as long as possible, all our items should be washed at cold temperatures, preferably with a delicates cycle and with ecological detergents.” (José Cunha)