Cunca Bowl

By: Bisarro

Made with Love Made in Portugal Responsible_Materials S Responsibility Upcycled


An elegant bowl produced in black clay, that offers various types of utility to our daily lives. It can be used as a dessert bowl or as a container for your jewelry. The ancestral firing process called Soenga, a traditional reduction firing method in a wood-fired pit in the ground at 1000ºC, gives the bowl its black color and unique patterns.

Please note: The colour of this product varies due to the firing process. No item will ever be coloured in exactly the same way as pictured in the images.




Diameter: 10 cm
Height: 4.5 cm

Shipping Country


Handling Timeframe

Five days

Use & Maintenance

As per with any item made of clay, this product is to be handled with care. Resistant to high temperatures. Should not remain in contact with salt for an extended period of time.