Idanha-a-Nova, Beira Baixa, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Regenerate Resource Efficiency Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Raquel & Mário Ramos

    Founded In



    Idanha-a-Nova, Beira Baixa, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “Our seed was planted in 2012. We were inspired by the work of Geopark Naturtejo, especially by their culinary initiatives and the live pastry workshops we would participate in — in Idanha, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, Paris — by invitation.

    At this point Geocakes was a hobby that complemented our full-time jobs in a local hotel Group, Mário (me) as a chef and Raquel as a pastry chef. In 2014 I left the hotel group and devoted myself to teaching hospitality and restaurant/catering. Raquel quickly followed suit and we decided to professionalise our Geocakes business.

    We purchased a building in ruins and developed a restoration project through an application to the Portugal 2020 government incentive. Our mission then became to elevate the gastronomical traditions of our region. In 2016 we received all necessary licences for our kitchen, to produce jams with fruits and vegetables from our farm, as well as cakes, biscuits, salty pastries, anniversary cakes, amongst others.

    We invested in traditional recipes, always respecting the generational know-how of the region. We developed partnerships with local producers and initiated the development of our organic farm.

    We produce products inspired in Geology (dedalus, trilobites, amonities). Some are fully genuine and traditional, made with organic extra virgin olive oil, e.g. 'Borrachões', 'Esses' and 'Honey Broas'. Others are special, such as the 'Albardeira Roses', that are made with essential oils of local plants. All of our products transmit the message of rurality and naturalness.” (Raquel & Mário)

    Purpose & Mission

    “We have three children, all girls, and our mission is to leave them a planet with a future. We know it isn’t possible to change mindsets from one day to the next, thus we have built our pro-purpose business, with as low environmental impact as possible, while inspiring as many people as possible.

    We always give preference to products based on their environmental certifications — RainForest Alliance, Blueangel, PEFC, social and educational local projects, amongst others. We also promote awareness on social media and through our workshops — consuming and cooking with Zero Waste, Sustainability, 'The Guardians of the Sustainable Food Chain', amongst others. We are preparing to set up our studio to host groups to learn about our recipes and cooking methods.

    Our suppliers are chosen based on proximity and notoriety. Our evaluation of them is continuous and based on their activity, relationship with their surroundings and compromises.

    We are currently installing solar PV and solar-thermal panels. The refrigeration machinery is all installed on the east side of the building. All our illumination is LED and activated with motion sensors and we installed solely double glazed windows.

    Our wish is to be in unison and mutual respect with our local community and the culture and knowledge of people, while promoting a symbiotic future in an evolving environment." (Raquel & Mário)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Idanha-a-Nova, Beira Baixa, Portugal


    “Our varied fruit, vegetables and vines are produced by us (with BIO – AB3472UP certification). What we don’t produce in quantity or typology we seek to source as closely as possible to promote a circular economy and fair trade.

    All our preserves are made using fruit with its peel. We only dispose of seeds, which are composted in our farm." (Raquel & Mário)


    "Reusable element: glass
    Discardable element: cardboard with PEFC certification
    Celofane PLA: fully recyclable" (Raquel & Mário)

    Method of Creation

    "Our agricultural methods are conventional and small scale with organic certification, advised by the documental centre of Raiano and Sementes Vivas. The country of origin of our ingredients is almost entirely from Portugal."(Raquel & Mário)

    Use & Maintenance

    "All our products are made with quality materials, respecting the good manufacturing practices of pastry, food hygiene and safety requirements. They must be kept away from sunlight, odors, and stored in a dry and cool place. For more information, see the instructions on the labels." (Raquel & Mário)