Gayatri Tribal Crafts

Salzburg, Austria
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  • Founder

    Stephanie & Johannes

    Founded In



    Salzburg, Austria

    Brand Story

    "I (Johannes) graduated in contemporary art in Austria and have studied the impact and meaning of different patterns on the human body for many years.

    Stephanie is very talented in creating the designs of our items, as she mixes our wild tribal fabrics with timeless classic styles.

    We create ritual and ceremony clothing with medical vedic plant prints, energetic clothing, sustainable and fair ethno and tribal fashion for conscious people who value sustainability and craftsmanship.

    We have worked with medicinal and healing patterns from all around the world, and are deeply inspired by indigenous tribal aesthetics. All our medicinal patterns are hand-drawn and designed by us with love and gratitude to the healing and deep wisdom of mother nature.” (Stephanie & Johannes)

    Purpose & Mission

    “We work with ancient block print techniques and try to preserve and revive ancient skills and knowledge. We also work directly with women's organisations and rural communities.

    We donate a percentage of each item sold to an aid project in Varanasi, India, which gives street children the opportunity of an education and humane living conditions. A very good friend of ours in Austria is one of the founders of this project and thus we can attest to the fantastic work they are developing. The project is called Basic Human Needs.” (Stephanie & Johannes)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Rajasthan, India & Salzburg, Austria


    "We offer a range of beautifully handcrafted clothing and accessories all made from natural fabrics and fibers such as khadi, hemp, nettle, silk and organic cotton. Our Vedic Medicine Prints are made from flowers, herbs, fruits and grated stones.” (Stephanie & Johannes)


    Standard paper covers and carton boxes.

    Method of Creation

    "Initially we develop our individual weaving-patterns for our fabrics - we only work with handspun cotton and silk from India. In Europe we order our fabrics from a company in Germany.

    We develop many different patterns for our printing blocks and only select some of them at the end of the creative process. All are hand-drawn by us. We respect the meaning and tradition of indigenous patterns and never use an original pattern from any tribe.

    We work hand-in-hand with our tailor from the first until the last day of our production cycle. I (Johannes) print the patterns by hand between four and eight weeks every year and together we develop each pattern, cut every single piece of fabric (mostly by hand with scissors), sew each button and wash hundreds of meters of fabrics by hand in buckets (mostly in Austria because here we have enough water to avoid wasting clean water in India).

    The family we are working with in India live in a small village in Rajasthan, India, close to Jaipur. Our jersey clothes are 100% made in Austria by a tailor in Salzburg and are made of 100% organic cotton from a German company.” (Stephanie & Johannes)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Wash every item separately and gently with cold water by hand.
    Use ecological laundry products and dry inside out.
    Silk is a delicate fabric and should be handled with care.
    Use special silk laundry products and do not dry in direct sunlight.
    Steam ironing is recommended to keep the silk fibers soft and smooth.” (Stephanie & Johannes)