Sacavém, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Upcycled
  • Founder

    Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas

    Founded In



    Sacavém, Portugal

    Brand Story

    "We founded Figas at the beginning of 2018, as three friends for over 20 years, for two main reasons: to do something we love with our spare time and have an extra reason to spend time together and further nurture our friendship.

    Our pieces are available mainly online and we also participate in some local markets from time to time." (Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas)

    Purpose & Mission

    "Our mission is to be a brand of reference within the decoration and artisan sector, by prioritising above all sustainable materials, creativity and the uniqueness of each piece we create" (Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Sacavém, Portugal


    "Wood - A special part of our work is to source the perfect wood: we search for it at local beaches, as during the winter the amount of driftwood appearing on our shores is amazing. If we want a different type of wood, we also look for it in forests (only branches that have already fallen from trees).

    Ropes – The most important part of our work is to source high quality rope. We only use 100 per cent cotton rope." (Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas)


    "All our products are packed plastic-free (even the tape is made of paper) and we always try to reuse old boxes." (Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas)

    Method of Creation

    "We create decorative pieces, such as wall art, plant hangers and others, using macramé techniques. Combining different types of knots, cords and colours we create unique artwork for interior decoration. All of our products are designed and executed by our own hands.

    We get together on a weekly basis, alternating each other’s homes, and try our best to use identical wood and cords. As our pieces are handmade, it is impossible to replicate them exactly as they are pictured. " (Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas)

    Use & Maintenance

    Due to the type of application of the pieces we produce, maintenance is not necessary. Once hung on the wall, we only recommend you dust it once in a while." (Joana Ferreira, Patricia Matos & Susana Pratas)