Elixir of life

Chateaubriant, France
Made with Love Regenerate
  • Founder

    Richard Poiré


    Chateaubriant, France

    Brand Story

    "I have created an alternative care center around energy in Brittany (France). France is where most of my research and design takes place. We organise workshops for energy balance, sound therapy, healing sessions and massage workshops. It is also a place where we develop and test our products as we always strive to create next-generation products, which are even more efficient.

    I have been trained in the field of Geo-Biology and Radiestesia. I am also interested in Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Bio-Energy, Chi Kung, Kinesiology, Sound-Therapy and Massage. All this knowledge and interests have given me relevant tools to change, not only my products that could be described as visionary, but also and especially to improve my well-being.

    I work with a small artist family of five in Bali. All our items are hand-made by them. The alchemy is made by myself in France." (Richard Poiré)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Throughout the ages, archaic cultures have harnessed the healing properties of energy which are found in high-concentrations around the world.

    Employing ancient methods of alchemy and advanced quantum technology, we succeeded in channeling the power of this energy to create an Elixir which revitalises the well-being and the environment to a higher state.

    Our Elixir is used to heal negative manifestations in your physical and energetic health and also acts as a supplement to your therapeutic or spiritual practices.” (Richard Poiré)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Chateaubriant, France


    “The bottles withhold special natural water and 100 per cent natural crystals. The necklaces are made of glass, iron spiral, cotton, brass, copper, white brass or silver plate.” (Richard Poiré)

    Method of Creation

    "We develop alchemical and therapeutic processes conceived to stimulate the metabolism, natural defenses and the circulation of the energy in order to bring you health and well-being. They balance and harmonise your energy centers, called chakras, to dissolve blockages responsible for aches, pains or illness. They increase your resistance and promote a powerful anchor for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stability. The pendant is composed of medicinal waters, crystals, vibratory frequencies and universal sacred geometry. This alchemy generates a powerful energy field to increase your physical, energetic and spiritual vibration to bring you vitality, serenity and well-being.

    Water is an optimal driver for storing and transferring information, and research shows that water molecules vibrate at energetic frequencies to which they have been exposed before. As our bodies are made 70% of water, the vibrations of the Elixir are easily transmitted through the Bio-resonance process. The subtle energy is then guided by vibrations in the affected areas." (Richard Poiré)

    Use & Maintenance

    "A water change every year is ideal to follow the evolution of the alchemy and support our serenity project.

    Make sure to keep your jewelry in their box while you’re not using it. These objects are personal items to wear everyday on the solar plexus, or to use for meditation, yoga, sports and work to improve your vital and energetic energy. The intention is to balance your chakras and give good grounding.

    Use the vitalizer on your hand for 20 minutes to clean your auras and chakras. You can also use it during meditation and before and after a healing session if you are a therapist. The vitalizer is very good to improve your session and to clean your aura after the session.

    All our items are to be used as a precious gift, take care of them like a precious stone, place them in the sun or in moonlight, close to a water source and give them a lot of love." (Richard Poiré)