Earth Sense

Salsigne, France
Made with Love Regenerate Resource Efficiency Responsible_Materials
  • Founder

    Andrew & Lisa Crowe

    Founded In



    Salsigne, France

    Brand Story

    "Earth Sense Organics was founded by us at the end of 2016. My background is surfactant chemistry and I worked as a formulation specialist for some of Europe's largest high street brands, formulating new chemistry in body care/cosmetic products for many years. We know how many ingredients are used and how some of the companies are good at ‘Greenwashing’ their citizens.

    Following time spent at Boom festival 2016 and meeting many different people under the learning tree workshops, we all discussed different natural solutions for body/skin care made from natural ingredients with solutions coming from different cultures. We then decided that we could use my previous chemical knowledge to create the same types of products, but with purely natural ingredients direct from plants." (Andrew & Lisa Crowe)

    Purpose & Mission

    “To create and supply natural organic body care products without exploitation. We endeavour to supply natural products with total ethical focus from the supply chain, manufacturing, user experience and final disposal. These products must work amazingly on your skin and be derived directly from natural ingredients directly from plants.
    We do not use perfumes, colours, semi-synthetic surfactants or preservatives. We only use what nature gives us.

    Wherever possible we work directly with farmers or their co-operatives. We buy Fair Trade. All of our ingredients must also be fully certified organic. The purest and highest quality we can find. We demand all products be cruelty free, which means there has been no animal cruelty or child labour involved in farming or production.

    We support Kalaweit France directly through our affiliation program with 10% of each product sale. Kalaweit France works with gibbons, but our funds go toward protecting rainforests from exploitation and palm oil plantations.

    Indirectly, fees are paid to POFCAP for our Palm Oil Free certification, which goes to various charities/NGO’s that work with Orangutans and other animals displaced by palm oil production.

    We are strong activists against plastic and palm oil – we focus these activities through our social media channels and help raise awareness on hidden palm oil in products.

    Our lab is insulated and uses only LED systems for lighting. We use minimal amounts of water as this is not a core element of our products.

    In 2021 we will be installing our solar hot water system (already purchased) and we aim to install solar electricity for our entire operation." (Andrew & Lisa Crowe)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Salsigne, France


    “We are also certified Palm Oil Free (First in Europe), ‘Leaping Bunny’ Cruelty Free and COSMOS ORGANIC in all our products and activities.

    Everything is made to the audited COSMOS ORGANIC Standards and to the standards of the EU Cosmetics Regulations as required by EU Law and all registrations are in place and up to date.

    Type of agriculture/farming: organic and sustainable.
    Country of origin: Spain, Sri-lanka, Peru, amongst others.
    Certifications: Organic and GMO free.” (Andrew & Lisa Crowe)


    “Materials — 100% recycled paper Country of Production — China, product protection inside the box is made of organic popcorn.” (Andrew & Lisa Crowe)

    Method of Creation

    "All products are handmade by us in our purpose built production facility (Lab) in Salsigne, which is part of our home. " (Andrew & Lisa Crowe)

    Use & Maintenance

    “How long can one keep it: five years

    How one should keep/store it: as long as you need to, but for a maximum of 12 months after you open the container.

    Keep cool (under 30ºC).” (Andrew & Lisa Crowe)