Dream Catchers

Lisbon, Portugal
Made with Love Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Maria Ôchoa Pires

    Founded In



    Lisbon, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “I founded Dream Catchers in 2012, a Portuguese brand of sustainable clothing made for women who believe in conscious and ethical consumption.

    All our items are produced in India, where I studied, lived and fell in love with the richness, quality and history of Indian fabrics. All of our collections are limited in order to respect the individuality of each woman.

    Seven people work at our factory:

    Verender, known as masterjee, cuts our samples, making each piece come alive after we deliver our designs and choice of fabrics.
    Satbir, the gentleman who cuts each sample by hand (not machine). With this added detail quality grows one more step, as every millimetre adds up to the perfect fitting.
    Vijay, Ramesh, Ranjeet, Omar – the gentlemen who stitch each item, finalising the product and materialising the entire ideia. Here we analyse every detail closely, fitting the garments as much as necessary to reach perfection for our citizens.
    Arish – the gentleman who folds and performs quality control.

    The factory with which we work was awarded a quality certificate from the Indian government. Our workers receive a living wage, health benefits and school fees for those with small children.

    On any average working day there are three breaks for chai and one for lunch. Work begins at 10h and finishes at 19h." (Maria Ôchoa Pires)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Delhi, India


    “We work with organic materials such as bamboo, aloe vera, banana or silk and handmade materials such as cotton. We promote natural-dyed, chemical-free fabrics and we are passionate about traditional Indian handmade techniques such as the blockprint or Shibori.

    We are faithful to the principle of zero waste and do not use plastic under any circumstance: our price tags are made from recycled paper and our bags are made with waste and deadstock fabric at our factory.

    Bamboo fibre with Linen fibre
    Milk Fibre of banana tree with linen
    Banana Tree Fibre
    Orange Fibre
    Lotus Fibre
    Rose Fibre
    Aloe Vera Fibre
    Organic Cotton
    Peace Silk (Non-Violent)

    All of our natural fabrics have an organic certificate." (Maria Ôchoa Pires)


    "Kraft paper envelopes and deadstock tote bags made of leftover material in the same factory that we produce our clothing. " (Maria Ôchoa Pires)

    Method of Creation

    "In fashion it is said we must be alert to current trends of cuts, colours and styles. However I am passionate about creating timeless and elegant pieces. Beauty is what inspires me. In my opinion great creation comes from materials, their touch, their smell, imagining how details would fall or fit – I truly allow myself to render to an explosion of creativity." (Maria Ôchoa Pires)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Always wash gently by hand or on a cool or cold wash delicates cycle using a gentle, environmentally friendly non-bleach based washing powder. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Preferably line dry or dry flat.” (Maria Ôchoa Pires)