Lisbon, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Regenerate Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Patrícia Valinho

    Founded In



    Lisbon, Portugal

    Brand Story

    "The concept for Dedal began forming in 2009 when I challenged the school ESAD.CR to put their student’s creative time into traditional know-how (pottery + crochet). I offered workshops in these two areas and in return the designers developed product ideas based on traditional techniques.

    I selected three products and in 2015 the first samples were produced (following a few market adaptations). ​

    After launching the products in the Portuguese market I decided to create the Dedal company in January 2017 and have been working full-time on the project since September that year." (Patrícia Valinho)

    Purpose & Mission

    "Dedal was born to value young talent and the Portuguese creative capacity. We are inspired by the idea that we can deliver meaningful and memorable moments to people’s daily routines with our unique and useful products.

    We are motivated by the know-how and human touch of our manufacturers, as well as by Portuguese local materials. We believe we are responsible for our environmental footprint, which leads us to develop our products further. If we find a raw material that is eco-friendlier, we will adapt the product to be able to use it.

    Our mission is to offer a range of smart and meaningful products that promote original homes and fulfilled stakeholders. Our vision is to become one of the most humane companies in the world, positively transforming the lives of everyone that meets our products.

    Dedal is committed to preserve the Portuguese manufacturing skills by supporting local businesses while empowering young designers.

    We only work with Portuguese suppliers to ensure that we use fair labor. This also means our products do not travel the world before reaching client’s homes: we ship them directly from Portugal, where they are made.

    Our ceramic and metal are handmade and the cork is finished by hand.

    Two of our products support a social NGO: Red Nose Naso — For each unit sold we donate 1€ to the Portuguese Red Nose Association;

    Ujalta ACA — For each unit sold we donate 1€ to the Portuguese Conversa Amiga Association that supports people who suffer from loneliness." (Patrícia Valinho)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Lisbon, Portugal


    "The ceramic is sourced close to our factory (in the west region of Portugal). The cork comes from the Alentejo cork tree plantations." (Patrícia Valinho)


    “We reuse all the materials we get from our suppliers.

    Materials: 80% cardboard, 15% plastic (to protect the ceramic piece) and 5% stickers.” (Patrícia Valinho)

    Method of Creation

    "We partner with universities to challenge students to design new products. In return, we offer young designers pragmatic feedback on product feasibility, cost optimisation, market needs and production.

    Products made in partnership with ESAD.CR students: Copus and Naso.
    Products made in partnership with FBA-UL students: Kafo, Kresto, Kapsulo and Organizi.

    Besides partnering with design schools we also receive proposals from designers. That’s how Snuro (irena Übler, DE), Nukso (Raphaël Costes, FR), Varmo and Mantu (Filipe Pêgo, PT), Ujo and Ujalta (André Gouveia) were born." (Patrícia Valinho)

    Use & Maintenance

    "You can keep your item forever! We recommend you wash your item by hand and never use a microwave. The cork should be washed gently with water." (Patrícia Valinho)