Vila Real, Portugal
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  • Founder

    Renato Rio Costa

    Founded In



    Vila Real, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “The concept of Bisarro germinated while studying at university and with the experience I acquired in the world of ceramics. I decided to transform the project into reality. Naturally, the concretisation underwent several phases of adaptation and evolution, stages that are not yet completed even today. This ethos of 'never finished' or 'always in evolution' is one of the key representative characteristics of Bisarro. Since evolution is something inherent to the design of each piece, it is only natural that new ideas are shared.

    However, evolution of traditional mastery must be considered with caution, as we are talking about a cultural clash between two different ways of approaching this particular product and the particular way in which it is created. On the one hand we have the design that focuses, amongst other things, on industrial production, trends and norms to be respected. On the other hand, we have the handicraft in which each piece is different and the knowledge is passed from generation to generation, enjoying creative and formal freedom.” (Renato Rio Costa)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Bisarro emerged as a socio-cultural project, strongly linked to artisanal and creative roots, at a time when the ancestral arts became increasingly valued. The project was born from the traditional technique of production of black pottery, valuing this art and the people who practise it.

    Black pottery is a secular art passed between generations of craftsmen who are dedicated to the production and commercialisation of utilitarian and decorative pieces. With this, the Bisarro concept is based on the strong symbiosis between the different worlds of design and craftsmanship, resulting in unique ideas and products.” (Renato Rio Costa)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Vila Real & Tondela, Portugal


    “All our pieces are made with clay extracted from Trás-os-Montes (Northern Portugal), which is then chopped and strained to be handled. This is a ‘poor’ material that ultimately becomes valuable when we embed it in design and the true dedication of a master artisan.

    We do not add any chemicals to the clay we use. The oak wood used on some pieces, as well as the cork on some of our tops are sourced and produced in Portugal.” (Renato Rio Costa)


    “All of our packaging is made of recyclable materials and is sealed with paper tape. Each package is signed by the person who prepared the order.” (Renato Rio Costa)

    Method of Creation

    “All Bisarro pieces undergo a creative process in which a rigorous industrial process is merged with artisanal techniques. They are inspired in traditional customs of the Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro area, which have also become the names of our items. The production is performed by artisans, who have learnt the technical know-how of black pottery from Bisalhães, which was awarded by UNESCO as world heritage.

    Each item is made by hand and enjoys a few small semi-industrial processes, such as plaster moulds and electrical pottery wheels. They are then fired in an artisanal oven with brush biomass or firewood that is collected during forest grazing. Each piece is unique, due to their blackand unpredictable spots, which occur during firing.

    Each Bisarro item is packaged manually in recycled cardboard boxes, gently wrapped in newspaper and protected with sawdust sourced from local carpenters in our region of Vila Real, Portugal.” (Renato Rio Costa)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Our items are quite robust, as they undergo very high temperatures during firing and are made of a strong clay. However handling each item with love and care is always advisable, as every ceramic item is always a little more fragile than expected.” (Renato Rio Costa)