Benedita, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Ana & Sara Mateus

    Founded In



    Benedita, Portugal

    Brand Story

    "We are sisters and designers, belonging to a second generation of a Portuguese leather goods manufacturer family. António is a tribute to our history, to our father. A compliment to beauty and to simplicity. Designed to be versatile, elegant and timeless. Today we own and manage our production factory of leather goods, originally founded by our father ‘António' in 1982, and our team consists of 15 women." (Ana & Sara Mateus)

    Purpose & Mission

    "From our life experience a desire to create a bag brand with a clean, timeless and sustainable design was born. Bags that resist time and can be passed on to the next generation. We believe in a world where people and the environment are essential.

    Our entire collection is made of vegetable tanned leather — a traditional, slow and non-toxic process using organic plant matter to cure and preserve the hide. This material is also very strong and durable. We believe that our bags can outlive a generation — this is our mission in sustainability, to make products in harmony with the environment and built to last.

    Ethics comes from our history and our education. We were born in the middle of our father’s factory — from a very young age we were immersed in the sound of hammers and the typical songs of the artisans are still well present in our memory. We are proud to say that we are a family, continuing our father’s legacy, we value the work of our artisans and we are very proud of our team of incredible women with magic hands.

    We are a small team of nice women working in a very familiar and friendly atmosphere. Our team includes Anabela Paulo, Célia Faustino, Dolores Rainho, Elisabete Machado, Fátima Fialho, Teresa Machado, Sara Gaspar, Sónia Santos and Susana Pereira.” (Ana & Sara Mateus)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Benedita, Portugal


    "Vegetable tanned cow leather (vegetable and water based finishing), 100% cotton, nickel-free hardware. We source our finished leather in Alcanena, Portugal.

    Origin of hides - Portugal, Russia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

    We are always searching for ideas to reduce waste. For example, creating small pieces to use the wastage of the leather." (Ana & Sara Mateus)


    Hundred per cent cotton dust bag and reused cardboard boxes.

    Method of Creation

    "The process begins with sketches designed by Ana, co-founder of the brand. Followed by the pattern-making and prototyping, which Fatima (our pattern-maker) creates with us to define all the details until we reach the final prototype.

    We only produce a small series of each product to ensure the proper time and quality is invested in each product. Depending on the model, each product takes around three to six hours to complete.

    The entire process is handmade. It starts by hand cutting the leather, followed by the preparation of the pieces and the logo stamping, then the pieces are assembled by the experienced hands of our artisans." (Ana & Sara Mateus)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Love your bag. Do not overstuff it. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing. Protect from the direct sunlight. Keep pets and sharp objects away from leather. Do not place heaters close to leather (no closer than 30 cm). Remove all liquids and food spills immediately. Avoid contact with oils, perfumes and creams. Keep it stored in a dry and clean place, ideally in the dust bag that came with your bag.

    We recommend warm water and mild soap on a clean cloth for removing the most common stains. Test on a small area before applying to the entire stain. Persistent stains may require treatment by a professional cleaner.

    António bags have two years of warranty starting from the date of acquisition, only valid for manufacturing defects.” (Ana & Sara Mateus)