A Loja da Maria

Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Made with Love Responsible_Materials Social Responsibility
  • Founder

    Paulo dos Santos

    Founded In



    Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

    Brand Story

    “Throughout my youth I travelled extensively. These travels made me become very aware of my environmental impact. They made me want to become a more resilient, independent and ecologically conscious person. I thus began to cultivate all types of produce to be able to live what I deemed a healthy life.

    Consequentially my objective quickly became to actively incentivise people to follow in my footsteps. This was when I decided to open my own store, stocked with all the necessary products to grow your own food at home. To be able to show people how happy we can be solely with what nature gives us.” (Paulo Santos)

    Purpose & Mission

    “Our motivation lies in facilitating a self-sufficient life for every person through their own domestic garden. Although we are currently quite well known by many people, our objective is to reach as many people as possible to show them how beautiful nature is and how she can give us all the good we need to survive.” (Paulo Santos)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Italy and Czech Republic


    “We predominantly choose responsible suppliers with organically sourced ingredients. We are strong believers in the medicinal properties of the Cannabis sativa plant, thus a large variety of our products include this ingredient.” (Paulo Santos)


    "Our packaging is all made of reused cardboard boxes from our suppliers." (Paulo Santos)

    Method of Creation

    “Our products are produced in Italy and Czech Republic and all our suppliers practice responsible production under the laws and regulations of the European Union. We are their exclusive distributors in Portugal. We choose all products for their organic compounds, medicinal and therapeutic effects and conscious production.” (Paulo Santos)

    Use & Maintenance

    “Always keep our products at a cool temperature and away from direct sunlight to guarantee their effectiveness and durability.” (Paulo Santos)