A Bee by Anabela Marques

Porto, Portugal
Made with Love Made in Portugal
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    Anabela Marques

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    Porto, Portugal

    Brand Story

    "I was born in the city of Porto in 1983 and since childhood I have been filling my day-to-day with crafts. I followed my passion and graduated in Fine Arts - Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.

    My first contact with yarn mandalas was in December 2012 at Ojos de Dios's workshop. It was when I discovered a deep connection with this technique, which allowed me to create through active meditation, exploring sacred geometry, colours and shapes.

    What began as a hobby / therapy, quickly became a form of expression, a weaving of emotions, a desire to create objects that could spread harmony and beauty to wherever they were.

    I explore different sized mandalas (that can go up to a meter wide), with several kinds of forms, structures and yarns. They are usually unique pieces, but now I've created this special collection for Boom Festival’s Bazaar." (Anabela Marques)

    Purpose & Mission

    “I feel happy when I create mandalas, the entire process centers me and enables a creative flow. The discovery of the form and the detachment that makes the mandala constantly change shape until it is actually born, taking me on an introspective and deep journey.

    I seek to bring more beauty and harmony to the world, causing sensations of balance and serenity to those who observe them. I desire to dedicate more and more time and energy to these creations. New shapes, new combinations of colours and sizes, I wish to explore this spiral of creation that mandalas inspire me to live." (Anabela Marques)

  • Location of Creation or Assembly

    Porto, Portugal


    “I use different types of fibres, which can be of vegetable, animal or synthetic origin. The selection of the threads is made in relation to the proportion between the structure and thickness of the thread, and the type of design of each mandala.
    All mandalas in this collection were created with yarn produced locally by a company located in Seia, in central Portugal, and I acquire the skeins in one of the most traditional stores in Porto.
    I believe that it is important to invest in local economies and use raw materials that are produced as locally as possible, in order to minimise the environmental impact of their transport. Another priority in my work is to create as little waste as possible, thus I creatively take advantage of all off-cuts and leftover material whenever possible.
    The structure of each mandala is composed of sticks made from certified FSC mix wood, which means the wood is sourced from certified forests. ” (Anabela Marques)


    Cardboard and adhesive tape.

    Method of Creation

    "All pieces are created by me in my studio in Porto. Every mandala has a wooden structure that I have to cut and prepare according to the size and desired design. These pieces are created from the center outwards, in a process of juxtaposition and overlapping of threads, which gradually give way to the final drawing. They are woven with delicacy and detail, seeking to create a harmonious and geometric design in which shapes, planes and colours merge with each other.

    Throughout the creative process, great care is taken to ensure all shapes will hold over time. For the final touch, I stitch specific points that will assure the enduring perfection of the design. On some of the mandalas I paint the ends with acrylic or enamel paint." (Anabela Marques)

    Use & Maintenance

    “To keep them in the best condition possible, the mandalas should be hung in a place without high humidity and should be protected from direct sunlight. They can be easily and delicately cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth.” (Anabela Marques)